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(London, UK, July 11, 2022) Koko Rose Media is delighted to announce that its preschool eco-comedy and lifestyle brand DEER LITTLE FOREST (78 x 7) won the highly anticipated “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is” session at The Children’s Media Conference’s in Sheffield on July 6th, 2022. 

The PYMWYMI session was judged by a prestigious panel of US judges via Zoom that included: Adina Pitt from Warner Bros. Discovery, Eryk Casemiro from Nickelodeon, and Rick Clodfelter from Disney. The panel was moderated by TV Presenter and Entertainer Joanna Adeyinka-Burford, together with TV Presenter, Entertainer and Podcaster, Nigel Clarke. 

Lisa Hryniewicz, Managing Director of Koko Rose Media, stated, “As the most popular and highly anticipated session of the conference, we were beyond excited to be chosen as a participant. Actually receiving a win at the hands of such fabulous judges was beyond thrilling. It reinforces how universally appealing this amazing cast of characters are.”

The panel was presented with four five-minute pitches, selected from 30+ submissions, by Lisa Hryniewicz, Managing Director of Koko Rose Media; freelance author Paula Harrison; Emma Taylor and Alex Walker of Brickwall films; and Helena Mitchell of Chronically Creative.

The CMC report of the session written by Yosr Saber commented:

“Lisa Hryniewicz pitched Deer Little Forest, a pre-school eco-comedy show about four friends who learn to use the power of curiosity to learn about the natural world around them and themselves, learning special skills along the way, such as how to assess and overcome fears, navigate friendships and how to taking on challenges. The stars of the show include Barley-Crumb the Badger, Rowan the introspective fox, Lockhart the loud and goofy red female deer, and Bodhi Bear, the friend’s connection to the universe and other worlds. Each episode starts with a nature-related question and an internal issue that a character is struggling with. This property has hand-made art as its basis and has lots of potential for extensions into publishing and cross-promotion with forestry groups, environmental groups, Natural History Museum, and art groups as well. The judges applauded the artwork and the innate diversity embedded within the story.”

All Deer Little Forest rights are held by Koko Rose Media, a joint venture between Managing Director Lisa Hryniewicz and Creative Director Jo Rose. The property has a full bible and gorgeous 70 page style guide, and has received licensing and publishing interest from agents, licensees and publishers from the US to the UK, Mexico to Scandinavia, China to Russia. DEER LITTLE FOREST is a unique brand with established potential and promise to become an evergreen, international classic, beloved by children and parents alike.

Click here to see CMC coverage and video

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